Last update - 29 April 2012

The workshop "Arte del Pastore" started up many years ago.
The traditional craftwork of the crib's shepherds was founded by the Castello's family, that in a short time becomes well-known in Naples through his creations.
Today is still possible to read about the Castello's ancient activity of crib's craftwork in all the books with regard to neapolitan crib.
Up till now, the descending families of "Florio" and "Fusco" go on with the creations of crib's characters in the same places of their forefathers, that is, in the workshop of "San Gregorio Armeno", in Naples.
Each single piece is produced according to old teachings and using the eighteenth century neapolitan crib's techniques handed down, without making a change up to now, from father to son. Each character is completely hand made with exquisite craftsmanship and the same, old passion and with the devotion to this ancient work that marks a long and an established family's tradition.